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To start, there are some ground rules. You can't point at a person, You can't use anyone else's name, you can't say zoom (you have to say Z-double O-M), and you can't say the d word (drink or any form of it). That being said, let's get to the game.

The players sit in a circle. It is ideal for all players to see all other players. To start the game, everyone who is playing must put their thumb into the center and say "in-but-in." Somebody says "consume to start," and then the game begins. The person who said "consume to start" is "it." This game is kind of like tag.

The person who is "it" must look at someone and say zoom (you can actually say the word...any other time it is said not during game play is considered a false start, and the offender must drink). The word zoom is like a ball...or a hot potato if you will. The person who got zoomed has three options. He can look at someone else and say zoom, thus passing it to that person. He can look at the person who zoomed him and say schwartz, which is like tagging him back. Or, he can look at someone else and say Profigliano, which is like tagging the person who tagged you.

The game then proceeds on with people tagging each other and taggin back. The first person to mess up has to drink...I mean consume. Any breaking of the ground rules also warrants a consume. This game gets crazy after you have been drinking for a while, so have fun!!

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