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Canada or anywhere else, for that matter...
Ok, so sit in front of the T.V. with a plenty of cans of beer, all set to watch the big game.

Take a drink at;
-Every face off
-Every time they lose the puck in the crowd
-Every penalty (two if your team is the one punished)
-Every time they show a close up of a player's face for some reason (Hey girls! Drink twice if he's hot!)

Finish your drink
-At every fight!!!
-At every goal and then;
-Throw your empty beer can behind you if a Russian/European player is the scorer
-Shout "ESTI DE TABARNAC" or any other Quebec profanity if a French-Canadian player scored
-Crush the can if an American/English-Canadian player scored

The game ends at the end of the hockey game...if you're still conscious when it ends.

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