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To play this game you are going to need 1 shot glass, 8 ping pong balls a beer pong table(any rectangular table will work) a beer bong, and a high tolerance for alcohol...

Setup: Instead of standing length wise across from each other(like beer pong) stand width wise and only use half of the length of the table. Place a shot glass in the center of the table. There are 2 players on each team.

Play: Each team mate gets two ping pong balls, when everyone is ready it is a FREE FOR ALL to see who can bounce the ball into the shot glass first... You must bounce it in and you can shoot as many balls as you can get your hands on without passing the shot glass into the other teams territory. If a ball hits the floor it is free game. When a team makes a shot the opposing team MUST take either a beer bong or a shot. Not drinking results in a forfeit. The team that makes the shot is now on a "make-it-take-it," So they will have all 8 balls once the game commences for the next round. You must play until one team or teammate resigns. This game has a 95% pass out rate within 1/2 hour of play. Not for premature drinkers, alcoholics only...
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Added: 2008-08-17

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