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Everyone chooses a piece, it's suggested that a labatt bottle cap (purple) and budweiser bottle cap (orange) are also used (or something of the proper-ish color).
Basic Candyland rules apply.
Anytime your piece's color is drawn, you drink (sips/gulps/whatever).
If it is a two square card, you drink twice.
Anytime you draw your own color, you pick someone to drink, if it's a two square card, they drink twice.
When a pink card is drawn, everyone takes a drink (draw-er of card takes two).
Short cuts - Rainbow Trail and Gumdrop Pass - cannot be used.
If you land on a licorice space, you take a drink when you land on it, and on your lost turn.
Depending on what you're drinking and how many times you get screwed by the pink cards, you can end up only buzzing or completely trashed

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