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This game is a bit complex, but well worth it.

You will need three quarter, an ice tray, and two scotch glasses.

You sit in a circle.

Place the ice tray down, and the two scotch glasses behind the ice tray.

Fill the two scotch glasses about half full of beer.

The object of the game is to bounce three quarts into the right die of the ice tray, or the two scotch glasses.

If you succeed you get to make a rule.

If you make the quarter into the right side of the tray you get to give out that many drinks. spot one is one drink

If you make it on the left hand side of the tray(with the exception of the last spot) you have to take that many drinks and your turn in over.

If you make it in to the first of the scotch glasses you get to give that glass to anyone at the table.

If you make it into the second scotch glass you get to give both glasses away.

If you make it into the last spot on either side of the tray this is a bullwinkle.

The last person to make antlers with there hands has to drink one of the scotch glasses.

At any given time only three rules can be on the table at once. so if person 1, 2, and 3 all make three quarters in a row on the right side, and then person 4 does the same, person 1's rule falls off the table.

Very fun game, and even better if you are good at making rules...

Our favorite is the capital rule. if you make a quarter you must say a state and the person next to you must know the capital. if they don't it they drink and it goes to the next person.

if everyone at the table misses and it gets back to the person who said the state, he must know the capital. if he doesn't then he must take a scotch glass.

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