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1. At the end of the 1st and 3rd quarter drink 3; at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters drink 5.

2. Drink 5 for any penalty.

3. Any excessive celebration for a shitty play (open to debate) drink 5.

4. Any plug for the airing network’s shows drink 3.

5. Drink 1 for every circle written on the telestrator.

6. Anytime both teams are mentioned in one sentence, for example “the Steelers and the Chargers are tied at 10.”

7. Anytime there’s a game time update on other games drink 1. (Usually restricted to earlier games)

8. Drink 1 anytime there’s a skyline or skycam view.

9. Anytime there is a nickname used by a commentator drink 3.

10. If a helmet pops off during the game drink 5.

11. Drink 5 anytime there is an end zone pass for a touchdown.

12. Any punt or kick return drink 5.

13. Drink 2 anytime the commentators cut to a sideline commentator.

14. At the end of the game you Drink for the difference of the score. (i.e. 24-10, drink 14)

15. Maddenisms, anytime there is a Maddenism (up to the drinking party) drink 3.

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