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Similar to Speed Quarters. This game works well with a lot of players, anywhere from 6-15 or so, but you can use more players. You need 2 ping pong balls and 2 shot glasses.
Fill up about 10 cups about 1/4 full with beer, and as they are drank make sure to have them refilled right away.
Everyone lines up around a table. The 2 shot glasses and ping pong balls are given to 2 people opposite each other.
When the game starts, each person tries to bounce the ping pong ball into the shot glass. If you bounce the ball into the shot glass in one try, you can choose to pass it right or left, if it takes you more than one try, you must pass it to your left.
When one shot glass passes the other, the person who gets passed must drink 1 cup before he can continute to shoot. The person who made it passes it to the next person after the drinker. That person then has 3 tries to make it, and if he makes it in 3 tries or less he passes is back to his right and the person in the middle has to drink another cup. The person drinking is then caught in the spiderweb, hence the name. This can go on until the person in the "web" has to drink 9 cups, then you restart the game. If you get caught between 2 good players you can really drink a lot, but if you're between 2 bad players, you barely drink at all, so it helps to shuffle the people around the table so more people get to drink.
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Added: 2008-08-17

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