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Number of players: at least 3

Cards are placed in a circle on the table. A beer is placed in the middle. The first person picks a card and does as follows:

Ace = social: everyone drinks
2 = for you: pick someone to drink
3 = for me: you drink
4 = whores: girls drink
5 = rule: make any rule (if another 5 is drawn, that player can either take off an exsisting rule or add one of their own).
6 = dicks: guys drink
7 = never have I ever: say something you have never done, and anyone who has done it has to drink
8 = thumb master
9 = rhyme: say a word and the next person has to rhyme. Keep going until someone can't think of something or repeats a word
10 = waterfall: everyone starts drinking. the next person can't stop until you stop, the next person can't stop until they stop, etc.
Jack = go back: the previous person drinks
Queen = categories: pick a category and the next person says something in that category and go around until someone repeats or screws up
King = person who draws the last king must chug the beer in the middle
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Added: 2008-08-17

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