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This game is based around that popular card game, Snap. For people who are not familiar with the game, the rules are as follows:

First off, the idea of the game is to win all the cards. A deck of cards is dealt between 2 poeple, they then take it in turn to place a card between themselves, onto a pile.

If a card placed on the pile matches the previous card's value, it is race to see which player can shout "snap" first. The player who says "snap" first wins the cards present in the pile.

Beer snap is almost the same, but when 2 card values match, and the first player to shout "snap" has been established, the player to shout last has to drink the following amounts of beer from a big (pint) glass:

2 - 6 -- 1 finger
7 - 10 -- 2 fingers
Face card -- 3 fingers

The game is best played in a big group, on a "winner stays on" basis.

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