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This game was created by the Ohio State University Ski Club, although the club itself does not condone the excessive drinking of alcohol in any way. It is best played on a beach.

You will need 10 beers per person, or as many cups and a keg and at least two poles, about 4 feet high. Place the poles in the ground, at least a few feet apart, since people will be "dinging" around them.

The contest is as follows:

- At the start, everyone chugs a beer.

- Run about 20 feet, parallel to the ocean, to the poles, bend over and place your forhead on a pole, and spin around it 5 times, saying "ding" after every rotation.

- Turn right from here, run out into the ocean (which should be about 20 feet) until you are at least knee deep.

- Turn right from here, run about 50 feet through the water.

- Turn right from here, run out of the water until you are about even with the starting point again.

- Do 10 jumping jacks.

- Crab walk (facing upwards, walking with your hands and feet) or Bear crawl (same as the other, but with your butt in the air) back to the starting point.

- Stand up.

This is one lap of ten. The winner is the first to finish.

Optional rules:
- If you throw up (and you will), you lose that lap.
- If you projectile vomit (exorcist style) you pick up a lap, but only if you are running while doing it.

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