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Fill a shotglass with any hard alcohol of your choice. Place
it in the center of the table and spread a deck of cards
around it in a circle.

Cards are then drawn one at a time and each card has it's
own action. One person starts, then the action is done
and the person to his left draws the next card. Play with
beer or mixed drinks.

2. Two to You - Whoever drew the card gives out one
drink to one person

3. Three to Me - Whoever drew the card takes on drink

4. Four to the Floor - Everyone puts their hand on the
table. Last to do so drinks.

5. Five Guys - Guys drink

6. Six Chicks - Girls Drink

7. Seven Heaven - Everyone raises their hand. Last to do
so drinks.

8. I Never - Whoever drew the card says something they
haven't done. Whoever has done this must drink.

9. Bust a Rhyme - Whoever drew the card says a sentence
and everyone else takes a turn rhyming with the last word.
Whoever messes up drinks.

10. Vikking Master - Whoever draws a ten is Vikking
Master until another 10 is drawn. If the Vikking Master
places his hands on his head like horns everyone else
must row the ship. Last to do so drinks.

Jack. Categories - Whoever drew the Jack comes up with a
category. Whoever can't think of something in the
category drinks.

Queen. Question Master - Whoever draws a Queen is
Question Master until another is drawn. If this person
asks a question and someone responds, he must drink. If
you answer in a question you don't have to drink.

King. Make a Rule - This person gets to make a rule that
lasts the whole game.

Ace. Waterfall - The person who draws the ace starts the
waterfall and no one can stop until this person does. You
can only stop when the person to your immediate left

If the circle is broken, whoever breaks it must take the

Depending on your tolerance you can get a pretty good
buzz going with one game.

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