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- bottle of 80 proof liquor (eg vodka)
- a venue of some sort with people in it
- deck of cards
- 1 shot glass per person
- disgusting exotic alternative drink
- wash drink (at least 5% vol)
- a well thought up forfeit which will be enforced if player does not carry out willingly

- pack cut to determine 'chief'
- glasses filled (either by players or other)
- cards shuffled by 'chief'
- chief turns the top card
- play continues clockwise

Commencing play:
- before drawing a card the player calls 'higher', 'lower' or 'same' ('thriller' will be explain further on)
- if the player has correctly predicted the next card play moves to the next player
- if the player is wrong a shot must be taken before the end of the next round
- if the player calls 'same' and is correct then that player is skipped for the next two rounds

Additional rules:
- if a player wishes to leave the game 3 shots must be taken, 1 shot of the exotic alternative or a forfeit which is decided at the begining of the game must be carried out
- the only other way out of the game is by winning or puking (if a player puked then they must leave the game)
- everyone around the table is automatically entered into the game (four shots to leave in the early stages) if you refuse to be entered in the game then you will not be able to watch
- the winner is the last one left in the game
- new arrival to the game must take an entry shot but is denied the rank of winner if last to survive
- wash drink may be drank between rounds but only one swig may be taken
- a round ends with the chief's turn
- no time period between rounds
- if a joker is drawn the player can land his shot on any of the other unlucky players

The 'thriller' rule:
- when a player enters into the game he/she recieves one 'thriller' card
- this card is redemable any time during the game but only once per person per game
- when the 'thriller' card is layed an act of 'Michael Jackson-ness' must be performed
- if the player chooses to use their 'thriller' card they must call 'higher', 'lower' or 'same' (stupid) like normal
- if they are correct then everybody else in the game has to take one shot
- if they are incorrect then they have to have everybody else's shot
- this is a very tricky card and just be used skillfully and when a player is certain of the next card

The money rule:
- money can be used in 'Beat The Eight' to provide the winner with a small prize
- if money is being used then a dollar/pound is required for entry
- when a winner is declared he/she takes the dosh
- if Russian rules are being played and no winner is declared then every player takes back their money

Hungarian Rules

- same rules but every player is dealt six 'higher' cards and six 'lower' cards each (can be ay number of cards but six is normal) and of course one 'thriller' card
- if a player calls 'higher' then he/she must discard one 'higher' card and the same for 'lower'
- if a player has ran out of 'higher' cards then they have to call 'lower' or 'thriller' and hope for the best
- can be a bastard of a game but funny for other players

Russian Rules

- only way out of the game is by puking or winning which means we're playing to the end boys
- you cannot take the three shots or exotic and leave
- if you ain't in then you ain't watching so you better get out of the room mate
- once there is one player left it still ain't over
- the player has to finish off the deck to themselves
- if the player has still not given up the he/she is declared the winner

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