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To play this game, you need scotch or beer or anything you can take a shot of and a copy of Cannibal the Musical.

1 shot/drink:
- a song breaks out
- Millers character says Fuck
- Humphrey say's/does something stupid
- the word Snowman is spoken
- the word Shpadoinkle is spoken
- The cyclop's eye squirts pus
- anytime Alferd mentions Liane
- anytime Alferd mentions "We're really close now"
- any reference to Fudge is made
- Humphrey is insulted
- "Indian" girl say's That's very ieresting

2 shots/drinks:
- an ass is shown on screen
- Humprey says "Nice Hat"
- Someone unzips their pants when seeing a sheep
- Bell yells at people
- Swan says something optimistic
- Somebody gets shot
- References to the Donner party
- Someone is sent into timeout

3 drinks/shots:
- cannibalism is commited
- trapper's head gets chopped off
- ballet routine is performed
- tap dancing is performed in the snow
- graphic violence is on screen (not counting gunshots)

Ok, thats all I could think of...you guys can add your own additional rules if you want.

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