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Anywhere from from 2 to 6 players can play this game...preferably 4. The object of the game is to toss a total of 25 caps into your opponents cups.

Here is what you need to play:

- 1 cup per person, all of equal size (16oz. Solo Party Cups suggested), filled 3/4 full of water
- 3 beers per person
- plenty of bottle caps (only unbent twist off caps)

Set-Up: (4 person)

Space your partners cup 4ft next to yours with the opponents cups sitting 8ft across. The playing field should be in the shape of a rectangle with you and your partner sitting next to each other ON THE CARPET.


You must sit with your crotch behind your cup. There are many different styles of sitting. Pick what is most comfortable and go with it.

The cup must be in clear sight for your opponent at all times. There should be no movement behind your cup while others are shooting.


Starting with one of the partners sitting to the right, the first cap can be thrown. You will go in order in a clockwise direction.

If you make a cap in your opponents cup you receive one point for your team. Once four caps have accumulated in a teams cups, they must brew (drink half of a beer) and remove the caps from their cups, remembering how many points they have scored all together. That means every four caps you must drink half a beer. (exceptions: if the cap bounces in off the playing field or floats on top of the water it counts as two points, but if it riccochets off someone's body, the point does not count and the cap is removed from the cup.)

Once 24 points have been scored by a team, all of their opponents beer should be finished. Once this happens the final point can be scored to win the game. This allows the losing team to make their opponents brew just one more time. No need to stop drinking.

Finally the winning team, who has accumulated 25 points, stands up and ridicules the sorry losers and challenges new contenders to another game of caps.

Side Notes:

Out of Turn: If you toss a cap when it is not your turn you will not only forfeit your turn, but you will lose your next turn and any points you may have scored on the out of turn toss.

You are allowed two swats per game. This means that throughout the game you may knock 2 shots away from your cup if you think that the cap will go in. This swat allows the shooter to toss another cap towards the cup and as we call it "PUT IT IN YOUR EYE." The swats are mainly used to break someone's concentration.

If your cup is not in perfect sight for your partner or you move behind your cup while someone is shooting "ETIQUETTE" is called and the shooter may go again if they so desire.


Suggested Additions:

- Loser cleans up after the game
- If you spill the cup with water in it you must drink
- Finally it is your choice whether or not to drink throughout the game or force your opponents to down half a beer once four points are scored. Either way beer should be gone.

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