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This is another spin off of California Kings or Just Kings. Here Are the rules:

Put an empty cup in the center of the table and spread out a complete deck of cards in a circle around the cup.

One person at a time picks a card out of the deck and follows the value of each card.

Card values are as follows:

2- Screw You (the person who drew the card can tell someone to drink 2x)

3-Screw Me (the person who drew the card must drink)

4- to the floor(the last person to point to the ground has to drink)

5- is for Guys (all guys drink)

6- is for Chicks (all girls drink)

7- To the Heaven (the last person to point to the sky has to drink)

8- Pick a mate (the person who drew the card picks a mate and every time either one of them has to drink so does their partner until another 8 is pulled from the deck.)

9- Bust a Rhyme (The person who drew the card starts of saying ONE word, in order around the circle everyone must say ONE word that rhymes with the one before it. the first one to mess up or repeat an answer has to drink- you have 5 seconds to say the next word.)

10- Sentence ( the person who drew the card must start out by saying ONE word and in order around the circle each person says one word to make a sentence. the first person who cant think of anything or repeat has to drink- for example 1)why 2)are 3)you 4)being 5)dumb 6)today? [each number is representing a player] again only 5 seconds to respond)

J- Category ( the person who drew the card must pick a category. for example Car Makers: Honda, ford, chevy, Ect. The first person to repeat or mess up drinks- only 5 seconds to respond.)

Q- Question ( the person who drew the card must ask a question to the person next to them- any question, it doesnt have to be anything in particular for example: what time is it? Why are you so ugly? What? The object of this one is to make the next person laugh so they dont have the composure to ask a question before the 5 seconds is over.)

K- Fill Cup (the person who drew this card can fill the cup with how much or how little they want. The person to draw the last king must drink the cup in the middle in 10 seconds or less.)

A- Make a rule. ( the person who pulls this card gets to make a rule and each rule stands till the end of the game. For example the first ace gets pull and someone makes a rule to knock twice before you take a drink. so no matter what, you have to knock before drinking. I think this is the best card, it can get rather funny. The second Ace gets pulled and now that person makes a rule that who ever says drink,drank, or drunk has to do 2 jumping jacks [drunken jumping jacks are hilarious] If you mess up and dont do one of the rules you have to drink 2x.)

The game is finally over when all four kings have been pulled out of the pile.

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