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All the players sit around a table with either a beer, or cooler. In the center of the table a shot glass is placed. Around the shot glass you place (face up) one 2, one 6, one 8, two 9's, two queens, and two 10's. the remainder of the deck is distributed amongst the players. Each player takes turns (clockwise) drawing one card from their deck.

If the card is not already on the table (example, an ace) they discard the card and say pass. The next person then draws their card, if the card is a 6, they drink one shot bcause there is one six already on the table, if they draw a 9 they take 2 shots because there is 2 9's on the table.

THE RULES While it is your turn you cannot SWEAR, you cannot say "NO" and you cannot say another person's name. While pouring, or drinking the shot you must NOT spill anything, you must NOT double pour (meaning you pour the shot with one even flow) and the bottle may NOT touch the shot glass while you are pouring your shot. For EACH fault you must take ONE extra shot. After you are done your shots, you must say PASS.

The other players should razz the person who's turn it is and try to make them fault so they take more shots.

At first the game is pretty tame, but the more you drink, the more faults you make, and the drunker you get.

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