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One person takes the and deck everyone sits around the table. The person with the deck lays face up a card for each person in order around the table. This is what u do if u get these cards:

You start off with only three rules: You cannot say "Drink","Drank", or "Drunk". If you say one of these words take a drink.

A - social(everyone take a drink)
2 - give 2 drinks to a person of your choice
3 - give 3 drinks to a person of your choice
4 - give 4 drinks to a person of your choice
5 - give 5 drinks to a person of your choice
6 - Take 2 drinks
7 - Take 3 drinks
8 - Pee card(you cannot leave the table unless you have a Pee card)
9 - Take 4 drinks
10 - Take 5 drinks
J - Make a rule (I.E. you cannot say names, penalty is take a drink)
Q - ask a question. The person after you has to in turn ask a question. first person to fail to do so in 3 seconds take a drink
K - Choose a category and say something to do with it. The following people have to say something that relates to your category. failure to do so, take a drink)

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