Drinking Game: Can-Mines(Get You Mines Right) Add to My Games
(Get Your Mines Right!)

What You Need:
- 1 ping pong ball
- 2 ping pong paddles
- 1 ping pong table
- 1 ping pong net
- 1 Case of Beer in a can

1. Place your un-opened beer on the center line of the ping pong table a forearms length from the end of the table. This is considered a can-mine, Watch Out!!!
2. If this is the first game Start the ping pong game off by determining who gets first serve. One player starts a volley to spell PING PONG (This is considered a warm up period). The first player hits the ball then yells “P.” The second player returns the ball and yells “I” this continues until “PING PONG” is spelled out at which time the intensity increases as you try to win first serve. If player 1 hits player 2s beer player 1 then gets first serve, after PING PONG is spelled out.
Playing the Game:
3. Winner of first serve serves 5 times then it rotates to the opposing player, this rotation continues every 5 serves through the course of the game.
4. If you hit your opposing players beer on the serve it is considered a dead serve and the player serving drinks while the opposition spells PING PONG (as fast or slows as they would like to spell it).
5. After the serve during the volley you can win a point 3 different ways
a. The ball striking your opponents side of the table and they are unable to return it
b. The ball hitting your opponents beer at which point they pick up there beer and start drinking while you spell PONG when you say G they stop (it can be spelled as fast or slow as you would like).
c. Or by your opponent hitting the ball off the table (not striking you side of the table).
6. If you hit your own beer with the ball or with the Paddle then you have to drink while your opponent spells PING PONG (again as fast or slow as you would like).
7. To encourage drinking if you finish your beer you may place it anywhere on you opponents side of the table adding another can-mine.
Ending the game:
8. When one player reaches 20 points it is then considered game point. The player that is losing serves until the player with 20 point hits the opposing players beer can on a return of the serve or during the volley. If the player on game point strikes the ball and the opposition is unable to return it is a play-over. THE ONLY WAY A PLAYER CAN WIN THE IS BY STRIKING THE OPOSITIONS BEER. (EX: Joe has 20 point and Brad has 10. Brad serves the ball and if Joe is unable to hit Brads can during the return of the serve or the volley, Brad then serves again).
Tie Break:
9. If both players reach 20 points then the last player to reach 20 points must serve. Since they cannot not lose on the serve they can then serve as hard or soft as they like to make it tough for the opposition to return the serve and strike the oppositions can. One player hit a can game is over.
10. At the end of the game the loser must drink the difference of the two scores. (EX: IF Joe wins 21 – 10 Brad then drinks 11 drinks.)

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