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Things You Need:
- A Large Container that Can be Drank Out of:
(i.e. Vase, Picher, Juice Jug, Blender,

- A Full Deck of Cards...

- A Shit Load of Beer (Playing with Hard
Alcohol will result in Death... I Promise
You This!)

Setting Up The Game:

1. With Anyone else who is playing the Game,
gather around a table, a circular table is
best, but hey we're trying to get fucked
up so anything will work!

2. Place The Large Container that you chose
(blender, vase, etc) in the center of the

3. Take the Deck of Cards and spread them out
evenly in a circle around the container...
Make sure all of the cards are Face Down!

4. Start the Game off by Pouring half of a
Beer into the Large Container in the
center of the table...


1. Pick someone to go first, and whoever that
may be the game will rotate clockwise from
that person for the duration of the game.

2. The first person may bet as much beer as
they want anything from one drop, to 2 or
3 whole beers (however, they must bet

3. Once the player has poured his wager into
the center container, he must then select
a card, but before looking at it me must
guess "RED" or "BLACK"... If the player
guesses correctly, than he is safe and it
becomes the next person's turn to wager
some alcohol... HOWEVER, if the player
guesses incorrectly than they must drink,
and by drink i mean chug, what ever is in
the center container...

***The cool part is that if people keep
getting lucky with their guesses, than the
container will actually fill up, and if
your playing with a fucking blender than
your talking about 8 beers down the hatch
at once just cause you guessed the wrong
color... Talk about a Bitch!!!!***

4. Keep Playing the Game this way in a
clockwise motion until you can't handle it
anymore... I promise you that by the End
of The Game You will without Question
Understand why this game is called... "Bet
Your Liver"!
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