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This is a little different from the version of speed bump previously posted. For this game, you need cards, a shot glass and something to take shots of, and a beer or mixed drink.

In this version, you fill a shot glass and deal 3 cards face down on either side of the glass so that there are 6 cards total face down.

To start the game, deal a new card face up. Now, you must determine if the first face down card in higher or lower in numerical value than the card dealt (aces are high).

If you are correct, you proceed to the next card. You continue doing this until you get to the shot glass - the "speed bump" - so you take a shot and continue.

If at any time you are incorrect in guessing if the next face down card will be higher or lower, you have to drink from your mixed drink/beer and go all the way back to the beginning.

Depending on your luck and skill, this game can REALLY mess you up and it's fun :)

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