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The rules of this game are pretty simple. It works best with at least 4 people. You sit around a table or in a circle and spread out the cards in the middle. Someone goes first and picks a card and follows these instructions.

Heart- Person to right drinks the Value
Diamond- Person to the left drinks the Value
Spade- Give out the Value to whomever
Club- Drink the Value

Ace's are 1 drink in this game, and up, with Jacks 11, Queens 12...

Now this is where the Shazam comes in...

When you draw a King, you say the word Shazam, and everyone toasts the middle. Then you do the suit and value stuff with the Shazam card(King) being 15 drinks

It gets you drunk pretty fast, my friends usually start out with it and end the night with it

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Added: 2008-08-16

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