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All you need is a small weight(a small bolt or nut works good), about 10-15ft of string and the metal rings on a dart board or similar item.

You can play this with as many people as you want but it works best with a team of 2-4.

You stand about 10ft from the rings and throw or swing the weight st the rings hoping to get the bolt through. Where the bolt goes through depends on how much your opponent(s) have to drink.

Depending on the amount of rings you play with, me and my friends use three concentric rings.

Outer ring - 1 drink
Inner ring - 5 drinks
Bullseye - 10 drinks

If you miss your opponent throws twice and you drink the sum.

Tom throws and misses
Peter then would throw twice
He gets the outer ring and the inner ring
Tom would have to drink 6 times.

The reason for the string is so you can actually see where the weight went through because after a couple of drinks it get difficult to tell which hole the weight went through.

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