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Fill a giant tub or garbage can (clean) with random beer. It works best if when you invite guests over they bring their own favorite bottled beer (or you can assign varieties) Ė at least one for each person at the party.

For example if there are 6 people total, guest 1 could bring a 6 of Killianís, guest 2 can bring a 6 of Great Lakes, and so on. The important thing is that they are bottles. Then as the party host, you supply about 18 bottles of a typical beer like Miller Lite (supposing there are 6 guests). All the beer goes into the tub (with ice of course).

Next a chart is made with each personís name going down one side and the types of beers lining the top. Each player is then blind-folded and reaches into the tub pulling out a beer. They must drink whatever they pull and that beer is checked off on the chart.

The goal is to be the first to drink one of each type of beer. The catches are that if someone else grabs the last beer of a beer you havenít drank yet, youíre out. Also, there could be a lot of crappy beer in the tub as well as the abundance of Miller Lite, and you have to drink youíre entire beer before you can pull another.

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