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First you start by removing the Kings and Queens from the deck and you'll also need 2 dice. You shuffle the cards, and fan the cards out on the table. Basically whatever number you draw is how many drinks you have, if the card is black you roll 2 dice and subtract that number from the card pulled. If you pull a red then you only roll 1 dice.

For example, say you pull a red 10, then you roll one dice and it's a 3. You would have to drink 7. Or say you pull a black 4, and then roll a total of 11 with your dice. You have 7 drinks to give away.

If you pull a Jack that's red, any number of drinks you give is doubled. If you pull a Jack that's black, any drinks you receive from yourself are doubled.

Note: Variation is that Red is give and Black is take and you roll 2 dice for each subtracting in the same way as before.

The game is best with at least 5 or 6 players.

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