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Take a drink when a suspect does or you see any of the following.

Single Drink:
- Runs from police
- Denies ownership of any drugs or other contraband
- Has missing teeth
- Receives Miranda warning
- Cries or throws fit
- Lives in a trailer or mobile home
- Has a prior record or warrants
- Damages any vehicle
- Has a gun or knife
- Is or acts gay
- Is partially (or not) clothed(includes bare feet and underwear)
- Any prostitute
- Cops use stop sticks
- Cops conduct sobriety test
- Officer says he likes night shift
- Anybody bleeds
- Female cop

Take a shot:
- Dog finds anybody
- Any woman beats up any man
- Any transvestite
- Presence of numerous or inappropriate number of animals
- Fire
- Anybody fires a gun
- Dead body
- Cop uses tazer or pepperspray

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