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Start out with a pyramid of cards and as many people as you can get to play! Place 1 card in the first row, 2 in the 2nd, up to 4 or 5 rows depending on if you're playing 2 decks or not. Deal out the rest of the cards to everyone.

Everyone says together "Everybody plays, everybody wins, when you ride the bus!". Then whoever is the dealer flips over the card in the first row. Anyone who has that same card plays it down (places it somewhere in a pile, it doesn't really matter where) and gives 1 drink to a person of their choice. If you have two of the same card, then you would get to give out 2 drinks.

Repeat the "Everybody plays..." for each card you flip over. Same steps for the first card in the 2nd row; But this time give out 2 drinks because you are in row 2! (You can give one drink to 2 people, or 2 drinks to one person); then the same for the 2nd card in the 2nd row.

Continue down the pyramid, each row creates more drinks. (3rd row, means 3 drinks off of each card!) Remember, if you have 2+ of the card flipped then you get to give out a lot of drinks! For example, in the 3rd row and the card flipped over is a 7. I have 3 7's in my hand, then I get to give out 9 drinks total to whomever I choose. I could give 5 to Joe and 4 to Sally, or I could give all 9 to Jennifer just because!

At the end whoever has the most cards left in their hand "Rides the bus". If there is a tie, then the ones who tied get to ride the bus together. Riding the Bus:

Deal out 10 cards face down in a line. Flip one over, if it's a 2-10 they lucked out, just flip the next card. If it's a jack: take 1 drink and add 1 more card to the pile, queen: 2 drinks add 2 cards, king: 3 drinks add 3 cards, ace: 4 drinks add 4 cards.

They keep going till the pile is gone!

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