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Watch the John Cusack movie "Better Off Dead", it might not be all that good of a movie, but it has its moments and it has several recurring themes that work well in a drinking game:

- 1 drink every time you hear "K 12"
- 1 drink every time someone says "Beth"
- 5 drinks every time someone hits on her or asks Lane if he can ask her out
- 1 drink every time Lane's Camaro is mentioned
- 2 drinks every time Lane's mom is cooking or serving food
- 2 drinks every time Ricky doesn't want to disappoint his mother
- 3 drinks every time you see Johnny the paperboy
- 1 more drink every time he or one of his paperboy friends says '2 dollars'
- 3 drinks every time Lane daydreams
- 3 drinks every scene with the owner of hamburger joint (the guy Lane runs into during races and later works for)
- 3 drinks every time 'the international language of love' is mentioned
- 5 drinks every time you see a musical intrument
- drink constantly whenever the asian Howard Cosell is talking
- down your beer in sympathy whenever Charles discusses his frustration at the shortage of drugs
- down you beer every time Lane is about to commit suicide

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