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Get between 3 and 6 people to sit around a table. Have somebody start the game off by spinning the coin, the person to their left or right, it doesn't much matter, has to keep the coin going by flicking it. Then the person beside them just keeps it going and so on.

If the coin is knocked over or stops spinning on someones turn that person has to take a drink. You can also try to stop the coin by placing your finger or thumb, whatever you prefer, on top of the coin. If the coin stops without falling then everybody has to take a drink except the person that stopped it, however if the person attempting to stop the coin knocks it over they drink double.

If the coin is knocked over the person to the left or right, whatever you decide on, starts the game off again.

Also if the coin falls off the table or someone is too drunk and bumps the table knocking the coin off that person has to drink.

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