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Your going to need a Risk board game as well as lots of tequila(or your favorite alcohol). The rules are simple.

Each player must follow the rules of play for Risk, however the changes are as follows:
- Each player is allowed to take one country per turn without drinking. Once a player exceeds taking one country he or she must take that # of shots. Ex-> Bob takes over Alaska, he then proceeds to Northwest Territories, then to Quebec. He must take two shots for going over the one country limit.
- If you decide to attack a country and you lose to the defender, you must take a shot.
- Everytime you trade in your risk cards you must also take a shot.
- When you take over a continent you must take two shots.

Whoever wants to win the game badly will have to actually drink a lot and take over many countries during one turn. Everytime I have played, the game has never actually finished. People are either too drunk to continue or the really drunk person tosses the board game across the room, either way its a fun game :)
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Added: 2008-08-16

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