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To play this game, you need the following:

  • 2 People

  • A plastic Wiffleball Bat with the handle-end bottom cut off

  • Lots of Beer (In Cans)

  • A crowd to laugh at you

So first, you designate the two people. One person will be the pitcher, and the other person will be the batter. The pourer takes the beer and pours the entire amount into the hollowed bat while the hitter holds it. Simple enough. When the whole beer is placed in the bat, the hitter drinks the beer out of the bat, and tries to chug as fast as he can. Here's why. While the hitter is chugging, the pitcher is looking at a watch or whatever, and counting the seconds it takes for the hitter to finish the beer. As soon as the beer is completely gone, the hitter must place one end of the bat to his/her head, and the other end to the ground, and spin around the bat in a full rotation the same number of seconds it took to chug the beer. As soon as the rotations are complete, the hitter will have to find the pitcher, and as soon as they make eye contact, the pitcher throws the beercan at the hitter. If the hitter makes contact with the can, their turn is over. If no contact was made at all, the hitter has to do the whole thing over again.

This is a perfect game for tailgates or any other crowded event, because the more people are crowded around watching, the harder it is for the hitter to spot the pitcher. The buzz is deadly because you are drunk and dizzy trying to do something active, which you dont want to do when you are drunk. Also, an optional rule can be a penalty spin for every large amount of either beer or foam comes out after the chugging was completed.

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Category: Coordination
Buzz: Deadly
Added: 2008-08-16

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