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Jet is a revolving number game. It can be played with as few as three competitors or as many as ten. Anything past ten gets really tough. You can play Jet anywhere.

The revolving number works as follows: The loser of the last round starts by saying "The name of the game is Jet, and there are xx people playing, and the number is xx". Once those words are uttered the person xx clockwise from the person starting must say a number between 1 and xx, and that person becomes the origin of the rotation. Subsequent numbers must continue to be between 1 and xx and must be blurted out in relative speed to be acceptable (Jet does accomodate new players as the initial declarer can state the Jet speed to be played).

So for instance Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice are playing and are sitting in a circle in that particular order. Say Bob starts ... "The name of the game is jet, there are four people playing, and the number is two". Carol would then have to respond. She could call out "one", "two", "three" or even "four". Calling "four" actually calls herself again so she would have say another number quickly. The loser is the one who:

- misses, stumbles or is too late with a number when it is their turn

- "peeps" by saying a number when it is not their turn.

The penalty is a drink. Care should be taken to ensure a 8-10 drink/beer rate. We play the game such that the loser must say a small "cheer" before drinking. Failure to do the cheer doubles the penalty. You can also toss in the "thumbs" game where the last person with their thumb on the table chugs.

There are a number of permutations of this game including nego-poso Jet, where the number called can be -xx to +xx where a negative number indicates a counter-clockwise rotation. You can also play Australian rules Jet, where everytime you call the number of a native Australian (or Kiwi) it is an automatic rotation change (CW to CCW or vice versa). For the truly brave Australian nego-poso Jet is worth the effort.

Side games include "first call chug rule", whereby the person missing the first call has to chug the remainder of their beer. Thankfully since the loser starts lightning rarely (but not never) strikes twice. We have seen contestants playing in a five person game calling "eight" after a first call chug. Oh, that hurts.

The game originated in the childhood of Dave MacAnerny and Jimmy Donahoe. Like Johhny Appleseed they blessed us with their treasure.

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