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Standard Risk board game. Players three to six.

Everyone starts with a "pot to get in", whereby they fill up a small pot or ladle with one-two beer and chug it down.

At any time during the game a player can "pot out" by chugging the one-two beer and thus exit the game.

The general rules of Risk are followed, however when a country announces that they are attacking another country there must be a "gentlemanly swig" (1 oz. beer). If the attacker successfully occupies the contested territory the loser must take a 1 oz. shot. All drinks must be prefaced with the cheer "Irkutsk" otherwise the penalty is doubled. If the attacker fails to win the contested country he/she must take two drinks, saying "Irkutsk" before each one.

When we described these simple rules to one young lady she declared that she would have no problem. We carried her to her bed.

This game has only been played to completion twice in twenty years, but I think if someone actually takes over the whole world and is sober enough to recognize it they should be able to dish off any real responsibilities for at least 18 hours.

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