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Necessities: Beer (how much depends on the amount of people), cups (number depends on how many teams), a bottle of liquor, and some shot glasses.

At least 2 teams with at least 4 people in each team. Stand in a line, facing the backs of the person in front. The first person in the group has a beer and a cup. On the count of 3 the first person fills the cup up with approximately 2 large drinks. When finished the person hands the beer and cup to the person behind them and they repeat the process. The team to finish first wins. The losers must then take a shot right after their defeat.

If a team does not have enough beer to quench the last persons thirst, all must take 2 shots (weather they have one or lost). This game is designed for everyone to become social and very drunk…fast!!!
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Added: 2008-08-16

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