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Get a deck of cards & spread them in a circle around a beer bottle. Each players take turns & pulls a card from the circle. Depending on which card is pulled, the players have to perform certain actions. Those who mess up, drink. Once they've drawn their card, they must place it on top of the bottle in the center. Whoever knocks over the discarded cards must finish their drink.

Here are the rules for each card:

2 - is for you.
Person who draws card may designate someone to drink.

3 - is for me.
Person who draws card must drink.

4 - Point to the floor.
Last person to point to the floor drinks.

5 - is for guys.
All guys drink.

6 - is for chicks.
All girls drink.

7 - Point to Heaven.
Last person to point up drinks.

8 - States.
In turns, everyone must name a different state. First person to mess up drinks.

9 - Thumbmaster.
Whoever draws card is the new Thumbmaster. Thumbmaster may put their thumb down on the table at any point in the game as many times as they want (until another 9 is pulled & a new Thumbmaster is declared) & everyone else must follow. The last person to put down their thumb must drink.

10 - Make up a story.
Everyone goes around in the circle telling a story. Person number one says one word, person number two must say what person number one said & then add one more word, & so on. The person who messes up first must drink. Example: Person 1: Once; Person 2: Once upon; Person 3: Once upon a; Person 4: Time; Person 4 would have to drink.

Jack - Make up a new rule.
Person who draws card gets to make up a new rule. Example: (1)No one is allowed to touch their face. Those who do must drink. (2) No one is allowed to address anyone by their names. Those who do must drink. ...Whatever your heart desires.

Queen - Never Have I Ever.
Everyone holds up five fingers. Person who draws card begins with a Never-Have-I-Ever Statement, such as "Never have I ever jumped off a roof." those who have jumped off a roof would put one finger down. Game continues in rotation until someone loses all their fingers. Whoever does, drinks.

King - Questions.
Starting with the person who drew the card, each player goes around the circle asking a question to anyone they want. First person to answer must drink.

Ace - Waterfall.
The person who draws the Ace begins to drink. The person to their left cannot stop drinking until they stop drinking. & the person to their left cannot stop until they stop, & so on.


The game's rules varies for different people. This the way I've always played it. & just to be safe, we always write the rules down on a piece of paper before playing.

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