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All participants sit in a circle. There is one leader, who is responsible for leading the game. This individual must memorize the passages below in full. The leader starts off by saying the first phrase and than is copied by each person around the circle. After the first phrase has been completed properly by the whole circle, the next phrase is added to the one before.

If someone messes up/stutters or is unsure of the next line, they must drink. After they drink, the leader must repeat the phrase so they can try again. They must try until they get it correct. Here are the phrases in order:

- A Big Fat Hen
- A Couple O' Ducks
- Three Brown Bears
- Four Running Hares
- Five Frisky Felines Frollicking On A Freeway
- Six Swans Swimming Sideways Through A Sea Green Sewer
- Seven Sexy Sluts Sucking On A Sticky Sucker
- Eight Elongated Elephants Elevating Elegantly In An Elevator
- Nine Naughty Nuns Necking In A Nunnery
- Ten, A Box Of Biscuits, A Box Of Mixed Biscuits, A Biscuit Mixer

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