Drinking Game: Russian Roulette #1 Add to My Games
What you need:
- 1 die
- 2 players
- 6 shot glasses (one of them a double)
- Bacardi 151
- Any other liquor of your choice

Start by filling up every shot glass with what ever other hard liquor you want and the double with the 151. Write the numbers 1-6 on napkins and put a shot glass on top of each napkin. Flip a coin to determine who is to roll first.

From there each player takes turns rolling the die and whatever number the dice falls on is what you have to drink. If you roll what the 151 is on you've bitten the bullet and the game is over.

If you roll a number that's already been eliminated roll again until you get a number that's on the table. Winner can stay on if they like but it's a mighty dangerous game.

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