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Wicked need 1 deck of cards

Face value of the card ( 2 - 10, jack is 11, queen is 12, king is 13, Ace is 14 )

Guess the face value of the card you draw. You must get it right with in 3 either up or
down from your guess. If you are right you give that amount of drinks. Plus 1 drink for
every card that is already on the table.

You may keep guessing if you are right or you may pass.

If you are wrong you must drink the difference between what you guessed it would be
and what the actual card was. Plus 1 for every card on the table .

If you draw double you must take double that amount of drinks plus 1 drink for every
card on the table. And it goes to the next player. Doubles stay in play as double the face value of drinks till pile is cleared.

Triples are the same.

4 of a kind. Is also the same.

All drinks must be given to 1 player. They may not be split.

To clear the cards.
You must switch things up and try to guess the color of next card instead of the face value.
If you are right the deck clears. If you are wrong you must drink the face value of card drawn.
Plus 1 for every card on the table.

Cards can only be cleared till the deal has 10 left. Once the dealer reaches 10 they may no longer let you clear.

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