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Requirements: 3+ people, 1 12-oz glass per person plus 1 extra. Hard liquor of choice (may vary per person) and a quarter. Salty chips are good to keep nearby as well (suck a salty chip to stop from puking).

Start off by setting the cups up in a circle, as close together as possible, surrounding the extra glass. The cups should have a shot of liquor in each one, and the middle cup should have 2 shots or be full of beer. Someone starts off with the quarter, and bounces it off the table to try to get it into a cup. Whoever's cup it lands in must take their shot and refill it, and gets to go again. If the quarter lands in the middle glass, however, EVERYONE must drink their shot. The last person to put their cup down must also drink the middle cup. If someone gets the quarter in a cup (any cup) 3 times in a row, they get to make a rule which is punishable by drinking.

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