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Two people either sit together on the floor or side by side at a table. If sitting on the floor then they surround themselves with shotglasses in the shape of a clock. 2 glasses at each number increment of the clock. In all you should have 24 shot glasses. If you are sitting at a table then you create a circle of shot glasses in the 5 minute incriments.

Every 5 minutes you take a shot, you are not to stand up, move or do anything during this hour. You should either have a good cigar with you or a few good tasting beers.

If after the game you can stand up without falling back down, then you are to proceed to the nearest quarters game and put on a clinic because you are a tru master- provided you were drinking while waiting for the next shot to come around!

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Category: Endurance
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Added: 2005-02-09

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