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Best with 4-6 players. This is a very simple game that requires a deck of cards. Everyone sits in a circle. Each person takes turns drawing a card from the top of the deck and laying it down in the center face up. The deck is then passed to the right and the next player draws a card. A connection occurs when consecutive cards are drawn that match suit or value. (If the first player draws a 7 and the next person draws a 7) or (the first player draws a club and the next player also draws a club) you have made a connection. When you match value you must drink for that many seconds( draw a 7 drink for 7 seconds) when matching suits (if one player draws a 7 of clubs and the next player draws a queen of clubs) the first person must drink for 7 seconds and the second player for 12 seconds. A connection is also made in this example ( one person draws a 7 the next person draws a 7 of clubs and the next player draws a 10 of clubs) all three must drink the values on their cards. The game ends when the deck ends.

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