Drinking Game: Death By Numbers Add to My Games
Deck of cards
1 die
4 types of alochol for shots

Heres how you play. You take a deck of cards and seperate 12 cards randomly into six piles of 2. Number each pile one thru 6 and set the rest of the deck aside. Then the player has a choice of rolling the die or picking from the deck. If they roll the die they pick a card from one of the 6 piles, and drink beer for the corresponing seconds below, discard the card and replace it with a new one (under the left over card) from the deck. If they choose to pick from the deck they must take a shot that corresponds with the suit. Each suit is a different shot of whatever alochol you choose. *IF AN ACE IS CHOSEN THEN 2 SHOTS ARE TAKEN. You play until the deck is finished. Sweet right?

2 = 2 sec
3 = 3 sec
4 = 4 sec
5 = 5 sec
6 = 6 sec
7 = 7 sec
8 = 8 sec
9 = 9 sec
10 = 10 sec
J = 11 sec
Q = 12 sec
K = 13 sec
A = Full Cup

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Added: 2008-08-16

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