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Materials Needed:
a. Dart Board and darts
b. Beer and shot glasses


1. The game is similar to round the clock, in which numbers 1-20 are played on the dartboard. The bullseye is also used in this game.

2. Each player throws 3 darts and aims at at numbers 1 through 20, starting with 1. Each segment is split up into 3 smaller segments. The single, double, and triple. The objective is score the highest amount of hits. The total amount of hits is the total amount of shots the other person has to take. For example, if one player hits a triple, a single, and misses his third shot altogether, his opponent has to take a total of 4 beer shots (or hard liquor shots if you are crazy)
Value of segments:
Single hit= 1 beer shot
Double hit= 2 beer shots
Triple hit= 3 beer shots
Single Bullseye= 2 shots
Double Bullseye= 4 shots

3. If both players miss all their dart throws, nobody drinks for that number, and the next number is played. Only throws that land on the designated number count as hits. The game ends on the bullseye.

4. The winner is the person who gets the other person drunker. But in reality both players are winners.

5. Players with a high skill level can easily go through a 12 pack in one game.

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