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The dealer deals each person one card at a time asking a different question with each card. First card is for two drinks and the question is red or black? If the player gets it right they are allowed to hand out the drinks but if the player is wrong than the player takes the drinks. This rule goes for every card.

Next card will be for 4 drinks and the question is higher or lower than the card the player already has.

Next card is for 6 drinks and the question is in between or outside the two cards the player already has.

The last question is for 8 drinks and the player has to guess a suit.

Now if at any point a player gets a card they already have then that is a double burn and that player has to drink double of whatever round they are on.

Now just wait the game is only half over. Each player has now accumulated 4 cards each and the dealer will lay out eight cards face down in two rows of four, one for give and one for take. The dealer will flip one card at a time alternating between both piles because each card is worth the same amount of drinks as in the beginning (2,4,6,8). And the same applies as before if a player has two of one of the cards that get flipped over then that person either gives double or takes double the drinks that turn is worth.

The numbers on the cards have no value in this game. If a card is flipped during the second part of this game and none of the players have it the dealer then takes one off the top of the deck until a card is played that a player has.

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