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Things you will need:
A big table
2 shot glasses
One quarter

There isn't a limit as to how many people can play this game, but the more the merrier.

Whoever goes first fills up the 2 shot glasses with beer, without spilling a drop on the table. Next, you spin the quarter and down both shots and pick the quarter up before it stops spinning. If you fail to do so, you have to redo your shots again until you get it. *Catch* If you spill any beer, or don't finish the beer in the shot glasses, you have to go again.

Now pass the shot glasses on to the next person and they do the same thing. Once you have emptied a beer bottle or can, it is now designated a "landmine". When someone else is spinning the quarter, you can set your bottle or can on top of the quarter to make it stop spinning. The person has to redo his/her shots. *Catch* Once you landmine someone, the bottle or can DOESN'T move from that spot. It's now in the way of everyone else spinning their quarter and if at any time, the quarter hits a landmine, that person has to redo their shots.

Once you can't spin the quarter because of all of the landmines, the game is over...or if everyone passes out on ya too! :)

This game will definitely mess you up once you get going. It's totally worth playing!

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