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Lay out about half of a deck of cards, face down, in no particular organization pattern on the table.
Set aside one card for every player, in a row, also face down.
To begin, the first player predicts whether his or her card is red or black. He or she then chooses a card and flips it over, revealing it to the other players. If he or she is correct with the guess, then they can give out as many drinks as the number is on the card. (for example, a 10 = 10 drinks).

Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, Kings, and 13, and Aces are high and 14.
The drinks can be split up amongst other players or given to one person. If the person guesses wrong, however, they must drink however many drinks are on the card.
The cards should be replenished from the deck as the game progresses. If you can get through the whole deck (which rarely happens), revert to the cards set aside. Each player draws for someone else of their choice, then doubles the amount on the card. For example, if you draw a King, then it is worth 28 drinks (about 3 1/2 beers) to the person of your choice. It gets really fun when you get almost everyone in the game choosing the same person at the end. But again... RARELY does it get to this point.

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