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Get a pair of dice, your drink of choice, and a few buddies. Sit around a table. Do your standard procedure to decide who rolls first, for us it's highest roller starts. Now it's time to begin. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice. For each combination rolled the rules are as follows:

- Any combination that adds up to five, the whole table except the roller drinks

- A combination less than five, the whole table INCLUDING the roller drinks

- A combination higher than five, you must count that number of people around the circle CLOCKWISE continuing around the circle (including the roller) until the rolled number is reached and that number person must drink

- Doubles, roll again and steal the turn of the next person (The proceeding rules still apply)

- Doubles twice in a row, roller must finish the remainder of their drink before the next person rolls. Their next turn is skipped. Also since doubles was rolled twice the next two rollers are skipped.

- Snake Eyes (double ones), roller must finish their beer before the next roller rolls the dice (or take two shots, depending on the drinks of choice.)

- Box Cars (double sixes) the whole table, including roller, must finish their beers (or take two shots depending on drinks of choice.)

It is actually a lot simpler than it looks once you start playing.

Game ends whenever you want it too.

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