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This is a four player game, two teams of two. It's great for outdoor parties. You'll need two pitchers, four badminton rackets and two shuttle cocks (birdies) not to mention a lot of beer.

To play the game set up the empty pithers about 10 to 20 yards apart on the ground. Then you and your teammate, each with his/her own racket in hand, stand at opposing sides behind the pitchers. Just like in horse shoes. Each team has it's own birdie and the idea is to hit the birdie as close to the pitcher (or in it if they can) on the other side. What makes this game interesting is, that as the birdie soars through the air decending upon the pitcher the servers teammate is allowed one tap/hit at the birdie to try and direct it into the pitcher, thus it's name "Birdie in the Beer." Now, to the way you drink:

- Half a beer (each) to the opposing team if the birdie lands in the pitcher.
- One large sip (each) to the opposing team if the birdie hits the pitcher.
- One whole beer (each) to the opposing team if the birdie lands in the pitcher with no assistance. Only half a beer if it just hits the pitcher.
- Half a beer (each) if an unassisted birdie hits nothing or you completely miss an assist attempt.
- One large sip to the server if they step past the pitcher on their serve.
- Two beers and a swift kick in the ass if the other team interferes with your attempt.

Play to 15 - 1 pt. for a hit, 2 pts. for an unassisted hit or an assisted dunk, and 3 pts. for an unassisted dunk.

I realize this game may sound completely moronic because, that's exactly what everyone told me when I invented it. But a few games into it and people were lining up to play and the people playing were drunk before they knew what hit them. As you get better try playing farther apart or with a plastic cup instead of a pitcher. Enjoy!

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