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With this game you need a pack of cards, at least 4 people and plenty of drinks.

First of all the amount of cards you have depends on the amount of people. You need 16 cards for the square and 3 for each player. Say you have 5 players that means you need 31 cards (16 + 15*3). Therefore use the cards Ace through 8 (don't just pick 31 cards out of the deck) and remove cards 9 through king.

The dealer lays a square of 4 rows and 4 columns then the dealer asks the first player red or black? Once they answer the dealer flips a card. If they get it right they don't drink if they get it wrong they drink. This card then becomes the players card. This goes around until all players and dealer have a card. Then the dealer asks the first player higher or lower. Same thing happens get it right dont drink, get it wrong - drink. This goes around the table again. The dealer then turns to the first player and asks inside or outside? (In between the two cards the player has or outside the two cards eg player has 2 and 8 - choose inside as there are more possibilities) Once this goes around the table and everyone has three cards the real game can begin.

here's the set up of the cards on the table

no of drinks
take 1 2 3 4
give 1 2 3 4
take 1 2 3 4
give 1 2 3 4

The first card is flipped over (start at take 1). If you have a card corresponding to row 1 column 1 you take a drink. Then the next one is flipped, if you have a card corressponding to row 1 column 2 you take 2 drinks and so fourth. After the first row has been completed and everyone taken their drinks the first card in row 2 is flipped. If you have a card corresponding to this you can allocate this drink to anyone on the table.

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