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Similar to the British version this is for the Travel Channel showings.You'll need your fave liquor and a small shot glass.

One shot if the following happens..

They're investigating a residence.
Someone says they were touched.
Any blonde screams.
Everytime Derek says Okay.
Whenever the soundman is shown.
Someone sees an orb or light anomaly.
When Derek matches a name to someone who actually existed.
For everytime Travel Channel has to beep out a swear word. One shot for every word.

Two shots if the following happen..
They're investigating an inn or bar.
Derek gets possessed.
Derek says "Satanic" or "Dark Arts" or "Black Arts"
Derek asks Sam to "Take it off"
An EVP is picked up
Someone hears a sigh, moan or gasp
Derek senses a "bad one"
Derek or David senses children.
Derek won't answer questions whilst possessed.
The historian whoever it is gets scared.
The ghost was a woman who committed suicide/murdered due to getting pregnant.

Three Shots
Derek collapses.
Yvette cries
Stewart gets attacked and or screams
Yvette and Karl have a spat.
Yvette says "What was that?"
Cath thinks a ghost touched her "bum".
Yvette and Karl hug.
The ghost was an abused wife/daughter.

Four shots
They're investigating a castle.
The trigger objects actually worked.
Someone besides a psychic is possessed.
Someone smells something bad.
Fight breaks out.
The parapsychologist gives Derek an odd look.

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