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Get a deck of cards. Put 12 random cards (face down) in a circle like that of a clock, plus one in the middle, like this:

J   A
10       2
9     K     3
8       4
7   5

Deal out the rest of the cards evenly to the people playing.

Each position of the clock is the corresponding time, such as the top Q is twelve o'clock, and the bottom 6 is 6 o'clock. The K in the middle is 13.

Begin by flipping the one o'clock card. Any player with an ace (1) can give the amount of drinks on the flipped over card to anyone playing the game, and anyone with the flipped over card can give out the amount of drinks of whatever time it is.

Example: At 1 o'clock, a Jack is flipped. Anyone with an ace (1) can give out 11 (Jack) drinks. Anyone with a Jack (11) can give out 1 (ace) drink.

Example: At 8 o'clock, a 7 is flipped. Anyone with a 8 can give out 7 drinks. Anyone with a 7 can give out 8 drinks.

When you give somebody drinks, you must give them the card you used, which they can use again after this turn.

Continue by flipping each consecutive card until you reach the middle card.

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